New graduate sought to differentiate his candidacy in a crowded market, understanding he was graduating among a sea of entry-level professionals possessing similar qualifications and experiences.

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Key Challenge

Matthew, like most entry-level professionals, was uncertain who he was as a professional, let alone how he was different from others in the job market.

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Discovery Process

Targeted exploration was needed to “dig in” to Matthew’s experiences and academic highlights in order to differentiate him from peers.

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Keyword Density

Through research and due diligence, I identified what we needed to highlight most from Matthew’s background in order to ensure keyword relevance.

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Professional Branding

Formatting and creating the right aesthetic went a long way to positioning Matthew as a construction industry professional before even one word was read.

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Professional Validation

Highlighting an excerpt from one of Matthew’s performance evaluations allowed us to “validate” his skills and predict a level of contributions beyond what would be expected.

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Job Search Success

Matthew secured a project engineer role and soon began working on major projects for clients such as The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.