New graduate sought to differentiate his candidacy in a crowded market, understanding he was graduating among a sea of entry-level professionals possessing similar qualifications and experiences.

Key Challenge

Matthew, like most entry-level professionals, was uncertain who he was as a professional, let alone how he was different from others in the job market.

Discovery Process

Targeted exploration was needed to “dig in” to Matthew’s experiences and academic highlights in order to differentiate him from peers.

Keyword Density

Through research and due diligence, I identified what we needed to highlight most from Matthew’s background in order to ensure keyword relevance.

Professional Branding

Formatting and creating the right aesthetic went a long way to positioning Matthew as a construction industry professional before even one word was read.

Professional Validation

Highlighting an excerpt from one of Matthew’s performance evaluations allowed us to “validate” his skills and predict a level of contributions beyond what would be expected.

Job Search Success

Matthew secured a project engineer role and soon began working on major projects for clients such as The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.