Setting your job search up for success

These are some common questions asked while writing resumes and how to approach these obstacles in a strategic.

Q: Should I include a headshot on my resume?

A: Usually not. Unless your “image” plays a key role in the evaluation of your candidacy, leave your headshot for LinkedIn. Remember, hiring managers can likely find out what you look like through a quick social media search, so unless you are in a field where your “look” is critical for your role—dancer, model, etc.—then leave your headshot off your resume.

 Q: Can I highlight community involvement to fill a gap in employment?

A: Absolutely! You can present any volunteer work you would like on your resume, especially if those experiences help fill absences from the workforce. Hiring managers will give your experience as much value as you do, so if you feel you had robust involvement, be sure you present it as such. I have built resumes hinged on volunteer work before, even placing those experiences before presentation of actual career assignments. Just remember that anything you highlight as an affiliation should reinforce the professional tone of your candidacy.

 Q: How many accomplishments should I present from each role?

A: There is no correct answer to the number of accomplishments you should highlight from each position, I just try to visually outweigh “responsibilities” with “accomplishments.” So, if I have two or three sentences describing the candidate’s position, then I will likely try to have three or four accomplishment statements. A key strategy is to present responsibilities—aka: job descriptions—in a paragraph format and accomplishments in bullet points, that way the reader is drawn toward the organization and simplicity of the bulleted accomplishment statements.

 I hope these tips will ensure you are presenting the market with the best representation of your candidacy.