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Dear Sam Live EP31 – Can you create a “general” resume?

“I cringe when candidates tell me they can do anything […]

Dear Sam Live E30 – Should I leave a job I just started?

I thought this would be a great place to gain […]

Dear Sam Live E29 – What To Do With Resume Gaps

In this video, Sam addresses the question, “How do I […]

Dear Sam Live E28 – Differentiating Your Candidacy

We have officially relaunched Dear Sam Live! On this episode, […]

Dear Sam Live E27 – What To Ask for When You are Laid Off

Can I negotiate with my HR rep to secure a […]

Dear Sam Live E26 – Creating an ATS Friendly Resume

Cutting and pasting from a formatted document can wreak havoc [...]

Dear Sam Live E25 – Conducting an Effective Job Search

On this special episode of Dear Sam Live, Sam speaks […]

Dear Sam Live E24 – Avoiding Job Search Faux Pas

We asked hiring managers and recruiters to share their “hiring […]

Dear Sam Live E23 – How to Solicit and Highlight LinkedIn Recommendations

Positive recommendations, both on LinkedIn and on your personal branding […]

Dear Sam Live E22 – How to Prepare for a Job Interview

On this episode of Dear Sam Live, Sam speaks with […]

Dear Sam Live E21 – How to Format a Resume

There are three main resume formats you can choose from: […]

Dear Sam Live E20 – How to Write a Qualifications Summary Statement

A summary statement has the potential to be the most impactful […]

Dear Sam Live E19 – Steps to Take After Being Laid Off

Do you have the skills needed to be competitive in […]

Dear Sam Live E18 – Ask a Resume Expert

How long should a resume be? Should you list a […]

Dear Sam Live E16 – 4 Simple Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Having a bad LinkedIn profile could be worse than not […]

Dear Sam Live E15 – How To Use Social Media in Your Job Search

The latest CareerBuilder study shows that 70 percent of employers […]

Dear Sam Live E14 – Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Sam receives a lot of questions from folks who consider […]

Dear Sam Live E13 – Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech is part of your personal brand, so […]

Dear Sam Live E12 – Resume Transformation

Does your resume reflect your unique brand? This week on […]

Dear Sam Live E11 – The Power Of Networking

Do you cringe at the word “networking?” You’re not alone! […]

Dear Sam Live E10 – New Year New Job

January and February are exceptionally busy months for hiring. On […]

Dear Sam Live E09 – Kelly: Certified Career Coach

Do you know the best way to answer the inevitable […]

Dear Live Sam E08 Resume Writing: The Show And Tell

To differentiate yourself from other job candidates, utilize the show […]

Dear Sam Live E05 – Sam’s Story

Sam was inspired to make a career out of helping […]

Dear Sam Live E04 – The #1 Way to Get a Resume Noticed

The #1 way to get a resume noticed is to […]

Dear Sam Live E03 – Keyword Mapping Exercise

Are there really magic keywords for resumes? Yes and no […]

Dear Sam Live E02 – LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn can be an extremely valuable tool for professional networking. […]

Dear Sam Live E01 – Improving Job Search Effectiveness

Is your job search stagnant? Are you applying for jobs […]

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