Dear Sam: I applied online for a position I thought was a perfect fit for my background. In addition, I sent a copy of my resume to the VP of Operations via Priority Mail. Ten days later, I sent the following message via LinkedIn:

“Dear Mr. Smith,

Hello. I wanted to follow up on my letter and resume mailed a few weeks ago to make sure you received it. I have been doing a great deal of research on your company and am very interested in joining the team! Being a business owner for the past 18 years, I believe I can bring my skills and knowledge to help your franchisees be successful!

With sincere interest,
Thomas Jones”

I have not received a response, but I can see from my LinkedIn activity that he and one of the company’s district managers did look at my LinkedIn profile. What would be my next move? – Thomas

Dear Thomas: In your follow-ups, I would avoid saying you have already applied for the job—I know it is evident as it is a follow-up—but stating it could make someone think, “if I wasn’t interested the first time, why would I be the second time.”

Perhaps opening your message like this might be more impactful.

“Dear Mr. Smith,

As the founder, owner, and manager of an award-winning, million-dollar-plus restaurant and catering company, I was intrigued and engaged by your posting for a Franchise Consultant. Having owned two franchises before rebranding as my own restaurant, I am equipped with an uncommon level of knowledge serving as a franchisee and owner.

Of course, you can peruse my LinkedIn profile for highlights of my career, but as they related to your business, I wanted to note:

1. I offer significant experience developing first-time policies, processes, and protocols to ensure quality and consistency.
2. I have demonstrated strengths in sourcing, training, and retaining high-caliber teams.
3. I am highly engaged within the community and embed the business as a key community stakeholder.

I know you are busy, but I am confident it would be valuable for us to meet. May I buy you coffee or spend a few minutes with you on the phone to confirm what I know will be a mutually beneficial fit?

With genuine interest.

Thomas Jones”

Do you see how that’s a bit more targeted, Thomas? Be specific and give the reader a reason to take a second look at your candidacy. Great job on the follow-up efforts; I am sure you will be successful.